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NutHouse Granola

NutHouse Granola was founded by a professional chef that needed a premium granola to offer several hundred customers per day but, was truly disappointed with what was generally available on the market. He just couldn’t accept pale, bland oats mixed up with itty-bitty pieces of nuts and an occasional raisin to be considered to be a good product. That wasn’t good enough for him or his customers! So he set about to create the archetypal granola: the kind that your mother or grandmother might have made at home. With a focus on California ingredients, packed with real substance, quality, and flavor, NutHouse! Granola Company brings a truly handmade, homemade, rustic, and beautiful granola that you’ll love to eat...and to serve!

The terms “hand-made” and “small-batch” seem to be everywhere these days. What do they really mean? Every recipe in the NutHouse Granola kitchen is measured by hand, mixed and trayed up by hand, and packaged by hand. Smaller batches mean that primary ingredients are purchased in smaller quantities. This improves rotation and helps maintain freshness. More attention can be paid to each batch. Mixing everything in a big bowl with a paddle allows me to mix with a light hand and preserve the ingredient textures instead of pulverizing them in a motorized machine. The batches are made more often, and each successive batch is incrementally just that much fresher that the last. By not stockpiling and warehousing inventory, every package gets to you as fresh as possible!