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MARKET MOVERS - October 29, 2021


AVOCADO– Market is improving, currently from Mexico. Mid 40’s on 60ct 48’s are considerably higher in the high 50’s.

BERRIES– Watsonville has finished, Santa Maria and Oxnard had to strip plants due to heavy rain. Supply is very limited, white shoulders on strawberries, and market is in low 30’s.

CITRUS– Navel oranges start next week along with local Satsumas. Lemons are down and limes are steady.

MELONS– Local mixed melons, watermelon, and black watermelon are finished. Cantaloupes are currently from Mexico and the market is strong, low-mid 30’s.

PEARS– Stillwater pears have finished, all pears are now coming from the Northwest– Oregon and Washington.

STONE FRUIT– Peaches have finished until next season. Plums are pluots will finish next week.

SPECIALTY– Local pomegranates and persimmons are available from Twin Peaks in Newcastle, CA.


ASPARAGUS– Market is very strong, into the low 40’s, and will continue to climb.

BEANS– Dwelley bluelake beans are finishing quickly after heavy rains. We will begin sourcing from Coachella next week. Dwelley cranberry, yellow wax, and romano beans are done.

BRUSSEL SPROUTS– Market is steady in the mid 30’s on coastal product.

CORN– Local growers are finished. Coachella corn will arrive next week.

LETTUCE– All lettuce and leaf markets are very strong due to northern growers finishing, weather and labor related issues. Yuma and imperial valley will not start until mid November.

TOMATOES– Ray Yeung is done for the season. No true vine ripes or local heirlooms. Heirlooms will be from Mexico beginning next week.