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Market Outlook - December 07, 2021

clover sonoma dairy

Clover Sonoma products start with milk sourced from a small group of family farms that are spacious, regional ranches tending small herds in Marin, Sonoma and Mendocino counties. These dairy farmers practice methods of sustainable agriculture and have an extraordinary commitment to animal welfare with no ‘feedlot’ living. The farmers do not use rBST, the genetically engineered bovine growth hormone that stimulates milk production. 
We currently stock a full line of conventional dairy from Clover Sonoma. We believe the quality speaks for itself and have since made it our main dairy line. 
Eggnog (available seasonally)- 1/2 Gallon
Milk (Whole, 2%. Fat Free)- Gallon
Manufacturing Cream (40%+ fat)- 1/2 Gallon
Half & Half (10-15% fat)- Quart
Buttermilk- 1/2 Gallon
Butter (With Salt & Unsalted)- 30/1# case
Cream Cheese– 3# block
Cottage Cheese- 5# tub
Plain Yogurt- 32oz

Although we stock numerous organic items including milk, heavy cream, half and half, yogurt, and more, we recommend ordering any organic dairy items ahead of time. Special pack sizes and items are also available. Contact our office during business hours for more information.


Giusto's Vita Grains

Giusto’s was founded on the premise of providing high quality, freshly milled, flours and natural baking ingredients of all types, including those for breads, cakes, and pizzas. They mill their own flour, in South San Francisco, using a variety of techniques including true stone milling on rare 30” Meadows stones. We are pleased to offer Giusto’s Specialty Flours by the 25# bag.
All Purpose Flour- Unbleached enriched flour made from Hard Red Winter Wheat. 11% protein
Organic “All Family” Flour- Unbleached all-purpose flour made from Organic Hard Red Winter Wheat. 11% protein 
Semolina- Produced from enriched Durum Wheat, this high protein granular flour is ideal for pasta and bread making. 
“00” High Protein Flour- European-style proprietary blend of select whole wheat flours that works perfectly for tender thin-crust pizza, pasta, and breads.
High Performer Flour- This is the top of the line, natural, high gluten, high protein unbleached flour that performs especially well in bread, pizza, and pastries (even croissants). 13-13.5% protein
Rice Flour- Fine textured white rice flour. An excellent ingredient in making gluten free pastries, pasta, and bread.

tcho chocolate

TCHO chocolate factory is located in Berkley, CA, where their complex chocolates are created with the highest quality flavor and flawless performance in mind.
39% Cacao Milk Chocolate (6.6# bag)- A classic milk chocolate with rich caramel notes, hints of butterscotch and honey. 
53% Cacao Milk Chocolate (6.6# bag)- A dark milk chocolate with a rich, fudgy flavor and creamy finish. 
60.5% Cacao Semi-Sweet Chocolate (6.6# bag)- Complex chocolatey notes with hints of raisins, vanilla, and a lingering caramel finish.
66% Cacao Bittersweet Chocolate (6.6# bag)- Warm complex cocoa notes with hints of dried cherries, currants and roasted coffee.
68% Chocolately Dark Chocolate (6.6# bag)- Robust cocoa richness with notes of roasted coffee, nuts, and raisins. 
81% Extra Dark Chocolate (3kg/6.6# bag)- Sharp, bright, acidic flavor balanced by rich and fudgy notes. This decadent chocolate also has hints of almond, hazelnut, and tangy dried cherry.
99% Unsweetened Chocolate (6.6# bag)- Smooth, complex, and rich, this unsweetened chocolate has hints of espresso with a toasted undertone.
100% Cocoa Powder (4.4# bag)- Very versatile, all natural, high fat cocoa powder made with no chemical processing. Rich chocolate flavors are balanced with delicate acidity. Ideal for baking, ice cream, and garnishing. 
100% Roasted Cocoa Nibs (3.3# bag)- Deep, nutty, and toasty chocolate flavor with hints of chicory and coffee. These cocoa nibs have a crunchy, nut-like texture. Great for garnishing, incorporating into marinades or sauces, or sprinkling on ice cream.
Drinking Chocolate (6.6# bag)- TCHO Drinking Chocolate is made from ground up dark chocolate bars to create an intensely rich, deep fudgy flavor- perfect for making a cozy cup of extraordinary hot chocolate. You can also use the drinking chocolate for any iced chocolate drink, chocolate sauce, chocolate mousse, and more!

extra goodies

Crafted by Jones and Co., sold by the quart: Vanilla, Maple, Almond, Lemon, Orange, and Peppermint.
Ground Nutmeg (1#), Pumpkin Spice (1#), Star Anise (8oz), Whole Cloves (12oz), Ground Cinnamon (1#), Cinnamon Sticks (2#), Ground Ginger (1#)
All natural purees with flavors perfect for the holidays from Perfect Puree: Black Currant, Blood Orange, Cranberry, Ginger, Green Apple, Lemon Zest, Meyer Lemon, Orange Zest, Pear, and Pomegranate.
All nuts are available by the 5# bag: Almonds, Walnuts, Hazelnuts, Pecans, Cashews, and many more are available from Napa Nuts. Our nut butters are made with 100% nuts- no salt, sugar, or stabilizers added from Z Specialty in 7.5# tubs: Almond Butter and California Nut Crunch—a blend of
hazelnuts, cashews, and almonds.
Vanilla sugar and Cinnamon Sugar from Jones & Co. available by the 1# bag. We also carry C&H White Sugar as well as Brown Sugar in 25# sacks.

Market Outlook - September 16, 2021


The first varieties of local apples have arrived! Our local apples come from Larsen Apple Barn in Camino, CA– a region nicknamed Apple Hill and known for its rich soil and crisp mountain climate. Larsen Apple Barn was founded in the 1860’s by the Larsen family and continues to be the oldest, continuously family-owned farm in Apple Hill. We are pleased to offer the following with more varieties to follow as the season progresses:

Gala– Red skin over a pale yellow background and creamy flesh that is yellow and crisp. Galas are mildly sweet in flavor and are best for salads, eating raw, or used for applesauce; not the best for baking. Available in a 10# case or 40# case.
Fuji– Medium to large sized apple with thick skin that is light red with a yellow blush. Its flesh is creamy white, dense, juicy and crisp. Its subtle sweet flavor pairs well with sharp cheeses, and its dense flesh holds up well when cooked.
Jonathan– A medium-sized sweet apple that is firm with smooth, thin red skin with blushes of yellow and green. While they are sweet, Jonathan apples tend to have a slight tartness and hints of spice. They are delicious with both sweet and savory applications. Available in a 40# case only.
Golden Delicious– A versatile apple that is great for multiple uses, especially for cooking and baking into tarts or pies.
McIntosh– A small to medium sized, red and green apple. McIntosh apples have a thicker skin that is easy to peel with a tart and tender flesh.
Mutsu– Beautiful green skin with some light red blush; sweet and spicy flesh that is juicy and crisp.



Stillwater Orchards is located next to the Sacramento River in the town of Courtland– an area known to produce some of the best pears in the world. We are pleased to offer the following varieties:
Delta Bartlett– Sweet and juicy with buttery flesh. Their flavor and smooth texture make Bartlett pears a great addition to salads, pizzas, jams, pies and galettes, or simply add to a cheese board. 40# case, piece, or pound.
Red Star Crimson– Similar to a Bartlett but with beautiful red skin. 20# case, piece, or pound.
Bosc– Great for a variety of applications. A ripe Bosc will still be firm and dense with tender, sweet honey flesh that is rich and aromatic. 40# case, pound, or piece.
Comice– One of the sweetest and juiciest varieties with creamy flesh and an aroma reminiscent of wine. 20# case.
French Butter– Juicy, buttery flesh with hints of lemon; a great baking pear. 20# case only.
Seckel- An excellent dessert pear, small in size but big on sweetness. Great served with cheese or baked into tarts. 20# case only


Sierra Nevada Cheese Company was founded in 1997 by Ben Gregersen and John Dundon. In 2003, Sierra Nevada Cheese Co. moved their creamery to a bigger facility in Willows, just north of Sacramento. Ben and John are both hands-on owners and operators of Sierra Nevada Cheese Co. They remain committed to providing the highest quality product using only the most wholesome milk, free of added hormones, preservatives, stabilizers, gums, and nothing artificial, just great cheese. We proudly offer the following:
Goat Feta (5# loaf)– Brine-cured cheese that is semi-firm, compact and less salty than most European versions.
Aged Goat Cheddar (5# loaf)– Aged for over 6 months, this semi-soft cheese offers a cheddar like quality with creamy smooth texture and a complex nutty flavor; excellent for a cheese board.
Organic Farmhouse White Cheddar (2/5# case)– Mild yet has a full-bodied, authentic flavor, and a creamy, buttery texture; an excellent melting cheese.
Organic Smokehouse Jack (3# wheel)– Ultra-creamy texture and great for adding a smoky, bacon-like flavor to your sandwich, burger, mac n cheese or vegetarian dish.
Habanero Jack (5# block)– Bold and spicy yet smooth and creamy with a lingering kick. Great for burgers, mac-n-cheese, sandwiches, and pizzas.
Hatch Chile Jack (5# block)- Ultra creamy and smooth texture that melts beautifully with a pleasantly mild taste. Full of flavor without the spice! This is a great cheese for chile con queso, chile rellenos, sandwiches, burgers, and more.
Goat Cheese/Chevre (2.2# log)– Smooth texture, fresh flavor, and a tangy, citrus finish. Use in salads, spread on crostini, great for cheese boards and more.
Gina Marie Cream Cheese (2.5# chub)– Made with fresh milk, cream and sea salt. Light, fluffy texture and fresh creamy flavor.
Farmer’s Cheese (10/1# chubs)– A versatile Russian-style farmers cheese, similar to cream cheese but with a distinct tanginess from live probiotics. Excellent for lasagna, filled pasta, cheesecakes, or as a spread on toast or bagels.
Organic Euro-Style Butter (15/1# chubs)– High butterfat content creates an ultra rich, creamy flavor. It is vat-cured with live active cultures in a time-activated process to develop a distinctive all-natural flavor. Available salted or unsalted.

Market Outlook - September 09, 2021

all things local

Beans– Locally grown summer beans are available from Dwelley Farms in Brentwood, CA. Bluelake green beans, yellow wax,  romano, and cranberry shelling beans are in stock.

Corn– Brentwood yellow and white corn is available from Dwelley Farms. We occasionally bring in corn from Vierra Farms in West Sacramento. It is the same seed variety as the corn from Dwelley. 

Eggplant- Listada di Gandia Eggplant, or just Listada, and Rosa Bianca are both specialty Italian heirloom eggplants. Available from Fully Belly by the 10# case.

Peppers– Locally grown Jimmy Nardellos, a sweet and light pepper, are available from Full Belly. Local Gypsy peppers, a sweet stuffing pepper, are available from Riverdog by the 10# case.

Tomatoes- Local tomatoes are available from Yeung Farms in West Sacramento, including green, heirlooms, and true vine ripes. Local mixed cherry tomatoes are available from Durst, Riverdog, and Full Belly.

Squash– Local Delicata and Butternut are both available from Vierra Farms late this week. Next week, we are expecting more hard squash varieties from Ray Yeung, including Kabocha and Red Kurri.

Melons– The last of varietal melons are currently available from R. Kelley Farms in Sacramento, CA. We are currently offering Twice as Nice, Savor, and Ambrosia from Ron, along with a local mixed melon. Once R. Kelley Farms finishes, we will begin to source from Riverdog and Full Belly. Black seedless watermelons are available from Vierra Farms.

Pears– Delta pears are in stock from Stillwater Orchards in Courtland, CA. We are currently offering Bartlett, Red Crimson, Bosc, Comice, French Butter, and Seckel.

Stone Fruit– We are currently sourcing stone fruit from J&J Ramos in Hughson, CA near Lodi. We are currently stocking yellow and white peaches, yellow and white nectarines, pluots, and plums.

bridge dinner chefs

We would like to congratulate the chefs that were chosen for the 2021 Tower Bridge Dinner! The dinner is scheduled for September 12th in celebration of Farm to Fork. Hundreds of guests will gather on the Tower Bridge to enjoy a locally sourced dinner prepared by some the top chefs in the region. We are proud to work so closely with many of the showcased chefs and would like to celebrate their success. Congratulations to:
Billy Ngo– Kru Contemporary Japanese and Kodaiko Ramen
Brad Cecchi– Canon East Sacramento
Dane  Blom– Grange Kitchen & Bar
Evelyn Milate– Raley’s Family of Fine Stores
Patricio Wise– Nixtaco Mexican Kitchen
Santana Diaz– UC Davis Health
Sarah Saldana– Track 7 Brewing
Tyler Bond– Lemon Grass Restaurant