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Market Outlook - August 8, 2019


The Sciabica (pronounced Sha-bee-ka) family has been cold-pressing olive oil on the same property in Modesto for over 80 years, making them the oldest producer in the United States. Thesciabica olive oil and pizza 300x300 artisan tradition of olive oil production was learned in Sicily in the olive oil mills of Castelvetrano by Nicola Sciabica, the patriarch and founder of Sciabica’s California Olive Oil. Their olive oils are pressed from only California-grown olives, 100% GMO-free, sustainably farmed, and artisan-crafted in small batches. We are proud to offer the following olive oils:
Mission Trail Extra Virgin: 100% California. 100% extra virgin. 100% no gimmicks. An olive oil with a rich, fresh flavor and a smooth finish. Nutty and herbaceous, it's a fantastic olive oil for dressings and finishing dishes. 2.64 gallon “bag-in-box”
Arbequina (Sevillano) Extra Virgin: Also known as “fruity and smooth”. It is a smooth, full flavored oil with hints of artichokes and fresh herbs. A single-variety olive oil pressed from newly-ripened green olives. Perfect for bread dipping, salad dressings, and main courses. 2.64 gallon “bag-in-box”
California Pure 90/10: 90% Refined Olive Oil and 10% virgin olive oil. Very subtle flavor that will not add or subtract anything from the recipe. Ideal for chefs that are committed to 100% olive oil but prefer to not have the olive oil flavor. Gallon or 4/1gal case
80/20 Blend: 80% USA Canola and 20% California EVOO. Delicate and clean. It has the versatility and affordability of Canola but the flavor of olive oil. Perfect for cooking, marinades, and dressings. 2.64 gallon “bag-in-a-box”

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Market Outlook - August 1, 2019


Riverdog Farm is a 450-acre certified organic, diversified family farm that grows vegetables, fruits, nuts, and raises chickens and pigs. The rich creek-bottomRiverdog Mixed Medley Large 300x300 soil, intense summer heat, and winter frost of the beautiful Capay Valley contribute to growing exceptionally tasting fruits and vegetables year-round. We are currently stocking the following summer items from Riverdog:

Lemon Cucumber: A round and yellow cucumber, about the size of a tennis ball. They have a clean, crisp taste that is excellent in salads or for pickling. 10# case
Armenian Cucumber: A heavily ribbed, light green cucumber. Mild and sweet, Armenian Cucumbers are great for slicing or pickling. 10# case

Gypsy Peppers: Gypsy peppers are a light yellow-green color and sweet. Gypsies will start to turn orange or red as the season progresses. They are perfect for frying, stuffing, roasting, or raw. 10# case

Padron Peppers: Padrons are relatively small peppers with a deep, true green color. Most Padron peppers are very mild but  occasionally can be extremely hot. 5# case

Jimmy Nardello Peppers: A long, thin-skinned frying pepper. Jimmy Nardellos are deep red with a sweet flavor. 10# case

Mixed Medley Cherry Tomatoes: A beautiful blend of colors, shapes, and flavors. 12 half pint flat/ half flat

Sungold Cherry Tomatoes: An increasingly popular cherry tomato. Golden orange, round, and sweet. 12 half pint flat.

If you are looking for a specific item from Riverdog that we do not stock, contact your sales rep to inquire about special orders.

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