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Market Outlook - May 13, 2021

Local Stone Fruit

June is just around the corner and that means it is the beginning of stone fruit season! We do our best to source from local farms when possible. We are currently offering the following:

Apache Apricots: An early variety that boasts a sweet, delicate flavor. Apache apricots have a beautiful pinkish-orange skin with a smooth orange flesh. They are currently available from Frog Hollow, located in Brentwood, CA. Frog Hollow is certified organic with CCOF (California Certified Organic Farmers). Available by the 10# case only and you must specify Frog Hollow when ordering.
Conventional apricots are available by the 14# case and by the pound.

Snow Angel White Peaches: Snow Angels are highly floral and slightly more acidic than other varieties. Because they are early  season stone fruit, they are on the smaller, firmer side and a clingstone variety. Available from Twin Peaks Orchards, located in Newcastle, CA. Twin Peaks was established in 1912 and has been family owned and operated for four generations. Single layer flat or per pound.

Super Zee Yellow Peaches: Super Zees are a smaller variety with a nice sweetness, juicy flesh, and low acidity. Also available from Twin Peaks Orchards. Single layer flat or per pound.

Royal Tioga Cherries: Royal Tiogas are a large, firm cherry with deep red skin and rose colored flesh. Grown in Lodi, CA and sold by the 16# case and by the pound.


Sparrow Lane Vinegar

Sparrow Lane vinegars are made exclusively with varietal wine grapes grown in Napa and Sonoma  counties. The vinegars are aged in small oak barrels using the traditional French method. Careful attention is given to the acid level of their vinegars creating approachable and delightful flavors. Sparrow Lane does not add colors, flavors, or other unnatural ingredients. We stock the following by the gallon:

CABERNET VINEGAR Ruby red color, lush and full bodied.
CHAMPAGNE VINEGAR Delicate, crisp and fresh, with the classic color of fine champagne.
DARK BALSAMIC VINEGAR Rich dark chestnut color with slightly sweet silky hints of caramel.
GOLDEN BALSAMIC VINEGAR Honey colored with the slight floral tones of the sweet Muscat Grape.   Delightfully sweet with just enough pucker.
SHERRY VINEGAR Deep caramel color with a smooth and assertive crisp deep oak flavor.
WHITE WINE VINEGAR Slight golden color, smooth, crisp and clean.
ZINFANDEL VINEGAR Deep red in color, old vine flavors with plenty of pepper and spice and slight port overtones.

We also stock the following vinegars:
Apple Cider
Fig Balsamic
Pink Champagne
Red Wine
Rice Wine