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Market Outlook - July 08, 2021

Local tomatoes

Ray Yeung tomatoes are highly praised by local chefs for their intense flavor, unique sizes, shapes, and colors. Yeung Farm is owned by “Uncle” Ray Yeung and his family. Their 60+ acre farm was established in 1950 in West Sacramento. Yeung Farm grows over two dozen  varieties during the season. We are currently offering the following:

Shady Lady (True Vine Ripes)- Uncle Ray’s true vine ripes are a variety named Shady Lady, a sweet and full-flavored tomato. Most round tomatoes are harvested when they are green and ripen off the vine, leaving them lacking in flavor and texture. Ray’s shady lady tomatoes are picked off the vine when they are red and ripe. They are a meaty tomato with no seed cavity. True vine ripes are roughly the size of a 5X5 tomato and perfect for slicing. They are great for sandwiches, burgers, salads, and more! True vine ripe tomatoes are packed in a 2-layer 20# case only.

Toybox Heirlooms– A mixed box of different varieties, shapes, and   sizes. Perfect for salads, sandwiches, pizzas, pastas, and more! Sold by the 10# case only. Single varieties are limited but we will have plenty individual varieties by next week.

Green Tomatoes– Uncle Ray’s infamous tomatoes that have been picked off the vine while still green. Simply an unripened tomato but a true summer staple. Sold by the 10# case or 20# case.

Locally grown mixed cherry tomatoes have finally arrived! These beautiful gems are full of summer flavor and the perfect addition to numerous seasonal dishes. Freshly harvested local cherry tomatoes offer the flavor of a homegrown tomato in a small bite. We are currently sourcing from three local and organic farms- Durst Organic Growers (Esparto, CA), Riverdog Farm (Guinda, CA), and Full Belly Farm (Guinda, CA). Each case can contain numerous varieties, including:
Black Cherry– Dark red and round.
Black Plum– Dark red and pear shaped.
Carolina– Yellow and round.
Esterina– Bright yellow and round.
Juliette– Red and oblong.
Pink Cherry– Light red and round.
Red or Yellow Grape– Pear shaped.
Sungold– Golden and round.
Sweet 100– Red, round, and small.
Yellow Pear– Bright yellow.
White Cherry– Pale yellow/white and round.
Sold by the 12/1pint flat or half flat.