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Market Outlook - July 15, 2021

Heirloom tomatoes

Tomato season is officially in full swing! Heirloom tomatoes are varieties of tomatoes whose seeds have been passed down for generations. The word “heirloom” refers to the history or heritage behind the fruit, with each variety having its own lineage. To qualify as an heirloom variety, the variety must be at least 50 years old and remain breed-true. Heirloom tomatoes exhibit various colors, flavors, textures, and shapes– often times having a less than perfect appearance. They are ripened on the vine and picked ready to eat.
We source locally grown heirlooms from Yeung Farms in West Sacramento. “Uncle Ray” offers over 2 dozen varieties throughout the tomato season. Because heirlooms are more delicate than a traditional tomato, we recommend hand slicing, keeping them at room temperature, and utilizing them within a few days. We currently offer single variety heirloom tomatoes as well as mixed toybox cases. Toybox heirlooms are a mix of varieties, colors, and shapes. We also offer what we refer to as a “Zinfandel Toybox”, which is a mixed variety box but all of the tomatoes are uniform in size. Heirlooms are sold by the 10#/single layer case only. We are currently stocking the following single varieties, with more varieties coming in as the season progresses:
Black Pineapple
Black Prince
Carolina Gold
Great White
Green Zebra
Kellogg's Breakfast
Pink Brandywine
Pruden's Purple
Purple Cherokee
Striped Cavern