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Burrata Cheese - Di Stefano

Burrata Cheese - Di Stefano


A variety of fresh mozzarella that is a rich, creamy cheese with an even softer center that oozes out when the cheese is cut. Fresh burrata is not aged at all and is meant to be eaten within a few days after being made. It should be served at room temperature. If it is too cold, the creamy filling becomes solid and hard and lacks that essential lusciousness. 

Pack size: 12/4oz case


Use in salads, appetizers, crostini and brushcetta, panini, pastas and desserts


We offer Burrata made by Di Stefano Cheese, a family owned cheese company in Southern California. The owner and founder of Di Stefano Cheese, Mimmo Bruno introduced burrata to the North American palate in 1993. Their boutique-style cheese plant is dedicated to making fresh burrata, mozzarella, mascarpone, ricotta, Samorza and Caciocavallo. Their cheese is made fresh daily, and they source our milk from a dairy located right down the road from their production facility.

Burrata is a specialty cheese of Southern Italy, where it was first created in Apulia, a small region in the heel of Italy's boot, in the 1920's. Italian burrata mozzarella is made from the milk of a water buffalo while in America the cheese is made from cow's milk. Burrata derives its name from burro, Italian for butter. Classifed as a 'spun' or 'pulled curd' cheese, burrata is a small ball of fresh mozzarella that has been stuffed with a mixture of heavy cream and mozzarella curd. In Italy, it is often served with tomatoes, sea salt and extra virgin olive oil and that pairing works just as well in our part of the world.

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