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Quatro Pepe Goat Cheese - Nicolau Farms

Quatro Pepe Goat Cheese - Nicolau Farms


Hard, aged cheese with a pale ivory body studded with "Quatro" peppercorns- black, white, pink, and green. Notes of sweet and creamy goat milk blend beautifully with burst of intense and savory peppercorns creating the perfect balance of salt and pepper.

Available by the 5# wheel.


A wonderful grating cheese that works well on cheese boards and in pastas, risottos, and more.


It takes quality milk to make quality cheese, and the family of Nicolau Farms has been doing just that since the early 1900’s. Their farm is located in the fertile San Joaquin Valley, allowing them to produce some of the finest farmstead cheeses. Nicolau uses an older method of pasteurization that does not impart a cooked flavor on the milk.

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