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Queso Fresco Cheese

Queso Fresco Cheese


Queso fresco, "fresh cheese", is a Mexican cheese, traditionally made from raw cow milk or a combination of cow and goat milk. In the States, we'll most likely find pasteurized versions. The flavor is fresh, bright, milky, and mild and is a perfect complement to a variety of dishes, by either providing contrast to a heavier dish like enchiladas or huevos rancheros, or by complementing something equally light, like salads or grilled vegetables. Queso fresco has a trademark salty-sour kick, and while it's creamy by nature of its freshness, it's not rich or buttery tasting.

Pack size: 7# wheel


Queso fresco can be substituted in recipes using feta or even goat cheese. It's great with egg dishes or as a garnish on chilled summer soups. It is often served as a component to a light watermelon and mint salad or dessert.


Produce Express offers Queso Fresco cheese made by Queso Salazar, a family owned cheese producer, located in Brentwood, CA.

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