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Blueberries are round, smooth skinned, small individual fruits with sweet, juicy flesh.  Blueberries are purple-black to blue-black in color with a silver frost to the skin. They are best in season when they are firm with a slightly waxy appearance. They are sold loose and off the vine in local farmer's markets and in small plastic containers in commercial stores. They are notable for their high antioxidant content and an important part of a healthy diet.

Pack Size

12 Clamshells/Case
1/2 Case
10# Frozen Blueberry


As with other fresh berries, blueberries are great for eating out of hand as well as toppings for hot and cold cereals yogurt and pancakes. Add to fruit salads-excellent when combined with specific fruits, such as nectarines. Make sauce jams and jellies, pies, muffins and tarts.


Blueberries are native to North America and were an important source of food for American Indians. Once, wild, they are now an easily grown commercial crop.

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