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Fava Beans

Fava Beans


Bright green, tender and sweet beans form inside five to seven inch long paler green pods, half dozen or so beans to a pod. Young fava beans can be eaten straight out of the pod, but as the season progresses, the thin outer skin of each bean needs to be peeled.

Pack Size

25# Case
Available by the pound


Fava beans are excellent as part of a spring vegetable ragout or minestrone soup, pureed and combined with ricotta cheese to make a fresh ravioli filling or spread for bruschetta or crostini. The leaves of the plant are also edible and have become quite popular among the Farm-To-Table restaurants.


It is always interesting to read the literature and description of Fava beans. You run into phrases like 'favas have long been a staple of the Mediterranean diet or 'an Old World legume' or 'the most labor intensive of all fresh beans' and many a restaurant cook will confirm this last fact. Favas first arrive in early spring from Northern Mexico and cross over the border in Mid-April. They thrive in cool temperature and, though still available, will become a bit large and starchy during summer.

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