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Jicama is a tropical tuber, large and roundish is shape, slightly resembling a potato with light brown skin and edible white flesh. Jicamas range in weight from a few ounces to 6 pounds. with the most common weighing in from 1/2 to one pound. Raw jicama is slightly crunchy with an apple like, nutty flavor similar to fresh water chestnuts. The fibrous brown skin must be completely stripped off before eating.

Pack Size

40# Case
20# Case


Cut into cubes or julienne and add to fruit and other salads. Saute sticks with carrots and green beans. Stir fry with chicken and shrimp. Serve cut sticks of jicama with a squeeze of lime and hot chile powder, as done in Yucatan.


Native to Mexico and Central America and now cultivated in China, Japan, India and throughout Southeast Asia.

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