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Persimmon Amagaki

Persimmon Amagaki


Twin Peaks Orchards is now supplying us with a particular variety of persimmon that is truly an extraordinary piece of fruit.  The variety is known as Hyakume.  Basically, there are two types of persimmons-astringent and non-astringent.  The Hachiya is the more widely known astringent type, while the Fuyu is the more popular non-astringent variety.  Due to a high level of tannin, astringent persimmons are naturally ‘puckery’ and may not be desirable for consumption until they reach an advanced stage of maturity and become soft and jelly-like.  The Hyakume falls into the astringent category, however-and this is a very important however-Twin Peaks has perfected a curing process that removes the astringent qualities from this persimmon  leaving the Hyakume crisp, sweet and unmatched in flavor.  The fruit is now called Amagaki, meaning sweet persimmon.  The flesh of this persimmon is marked with brown flecks that contribute both to the flavor and to the marketing of this fruit as cinnamon persimmons.  The Amagaki persimmon is similar in size to the Hachiya, has great shelf life and is perfect for eating out of hand, in salads and baking. 



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