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Persimmon, Fuyu and Hachiya

Persimmon, Fuyu and Hachiya


The Hachiya persimmon is the larger of the two, round with a slightly elongated point.  The Fuyu is small and squat with a tomato-like shape.  When ripe, both will have red orange flesh and skin.  The Hachiya has a highly astringent flavor and is used primarily for baking.  Left to ripen completely, a process that may take as long as two weeks to occur,  the flesh of the Hachiya turns soft with a tangy-sweet flavor and may then be eaten raw.  The Fuyu persimmon is not astringent and can be eaten as soon as they are picked.  The flesh is crisp like an apple and they are an excellent in salads or eating out of hand.  Choose persimmons that are brightly colored, free of cracks and bruises with glossy skin.



Persimmons are native toChina.  They were introduced and domesticated in Japan over 1,000 years ago. Persimmons are a traditional food used during Japanese New Year and recognized as the national fruit of that country.  Over 500 varieties of persimmons were brought toCaliforniaduring a planting spree that lasted from 1870 to 1920

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