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Pineapples are a large plump fruit with a distinct protective outer skin and a crown of spiny leaves. The yellow flesh is firm juicy, acidic and fragrant.

Pack Size

7 count Case


Pineapples are usually eaten raw and out of hand and combined with various fruits in salads. They may be broiled or grilled in large rounds or chunks. They may appear as an accompaniment with pork and ham dishes and (unfortunately) used as a topping on pizza. Pineapples are high in vitamin C and make excellent juice and used in many tropical beverages and cocktails.


Pineapples are actually not just one fruit but a composite of many flowers whose individual fruitlets fuse together around a central core. Each fruitlet can be identified by an "eye," the rough spiny marking on the pineapple's surface.

Flavor Friends

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  • Brown sugar
  • Coconut
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  • Ginger
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