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Tangerine, Murcott aka Delite tangerine

Tangerine, Murcott aka Delite tangerine


These Murcotts, or Delite Mandarins, are a cross between a tangerine and a sweet orange.. A late-season mandarin, these California Murcotts should not be confused with the Honey variety out of Florida, as the latter can be very seedy. Rather flat in shape, the Murcott is an easy to peel fruit, and very sweet, a pitcher of juice is so sweet it's almost too sweet and needs to be cut with the juice of some regular Valencias.


Murcotts are great eating and make excellent juice, which is such a deep orange-gold it's almost the color of a Halloween pumpkin. Freshly squeezed juice can be added to cocktails or mixed with other citrus juice. The segments make great additions to salads and compotes. They also make brilliantly colored marmalades and candied peel.


In 1922, Mr. Charles Murcott Smith owned a nursery in Bayview, Florida where he developed several trees that he had gotten from the USDA. Today, the Florida-grown fruit is marketed under the name Honey Tangerine, while the "Delite" name is a trademarked name of this wonderful California variety.

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