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Tomato - Heirloom-Brandywine

Tomato - Heirloom-Brandywine


Brandywines come in many delicious and colorful varieties, including red, pink, orange, yellow and black. They have soft skins and are meaty with few seeds; a beautifully sweet tomato that is offset by a wonderful acidity.


Not much needs to be done to this tomato, slice it, wedge it or dice it are serve it raw in salads and pair it with burrata or fresh mozzarella and basil for a traditional Italian Caprese salad or combine it with other heirloom tomatoes for a beautiful and flavorful summer tomato salad or side dish. Generally, all heirloom tomatoes pair well with grilled or wood roasted red meats and flakey white fish and seafood. They also make great additions to pizzas, pastas, sauces, soups, and sandwiches.


Brandywine heirloom tomato is probably the first heirloom to achieve "cult status" within the growing popularity of heirloom tomatoes. A pink, potato-leaf, Amish variety from the 1880's. Years ago, seed saving was done by individuals who understood that the greatest thing they could pass on to the next generation was some of the treasured food plants that had sustained life and had proven their value. One such pioneer was a man named Ben Quinsenbury, who lived in Vermont. He died at the age of 95, passing on his legacy. The Brandywine was Ben's favorite tomato. In years of my holding tomato tastings for chefs and tomato lovers, the Brandywine has always placed as one of the top three favorites. It is legendary for it's exceptionally rich, succulent tomato flavor.

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