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Apricot Cherry Honey Spread


Local Apricots and Tart Cherries blended with honey to create a balanced sweet/tart flavor.


Fruit Spreads are made with creamed honey, which means the product will always be ready to spread. No need to refrigerate after opening. Fruit spreads blend easily with cream cheese, sour cream, yogurt or ricotta. They are great as a filling in cookies, muffins, and cakes or try them smooshed into ice cream.


Z Specialty Foods is family owned and operated by the Zeldner family, Ishai, Amina, Josh, and Shoshana. They have been producing quality local honey in their warehouse in Woodland, CA since 1979. In 1984, they launched their classic line of Gourmet Butters & Spreads, representing some of the finest spreadables available.


• Cinnamon
• Amaretto
• Almonds
• Cream
• Mascarpone
• Goat Cheese
• Ricotta Cheese
• Cream Cheese
• Yogurt
• Ice Cream
• Duck
• Foie Gras
• Nutmeg
• Oats

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