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DiNapoli Canned Tomato Products




Bianco DiNapoli Whole Tomatoes and Bianco Crushed Tomatoes (Organic)

A wonderful collaboration between James Beard award winning chef, Chris Bianco, and Rob DiNapoli– organically grown plum tomatoes are peeled with steam, hand-selected for yellow shoulders, and packed with a bit of sea salt and hint of basil. No calcium chloride is used in the process. Available whole or crushed.

San Marzano Style Plum Tomatoes

Packed whole and peeled in natural juice.

Peeled Tomato Strips

Delicate San Marzano Style whole peeled tomatoes are randomly chopped, seeded and topped with a light puree.

Diced Tomatoes

Peeled tomatoes diced to a cube, holds shape during cooking.

Ground Tomatoes in Puree

50% chunky ground, vine ripened, peeled tomatoes, 50% fresh pack tomato puree create a rich, full body marinara or pizza sauce.

Tomato Sauce 

Rich, flavorful sauce of whole peeled plum tomatoes, seasoned, cooked and strained.

Tomato Paste

Whole peeled tomatoes cooked and reduced to a rich red concentrate that adds thickness and body to soups and sauces.

Tomato Puree (Extra Heavy)

Whole peeled tomatoes, briefly cooked and strained to a thick liquid.

Whole Peeled Tomatoes

‘Cold-Pressed’, uncooked, whole, peeled, round, tomatoes.

Diced Tomatoes

‘Cold-Pressed’, uncooked , peeled, diced tomatoes.

Marinara Sauce

Perfect for pastas.

Fire Roasted Diced Tomatoes in Juice

Red, ripe tomatoes are roasted over an open fire to blackened perfection! Natural hardwoods create robust smoky flavors that make these diced tomatoes ideal for a soup, marinara, chili or a pizza topping. 

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