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Local Z Specialty Honey Varieties

Local Z Specialty Honey Varieties




Local Wildflower Honey

Light in color with subtle floral overtones, collected during California's glorious springtime. Available in 12# container.

Orange Blossom Honey

Bees gather pollen from California orange groves to produce this fragrant, light and delicious honey. Available in 12# tub.

California Coriander

Savory and rich, this amazing honey has hints of spice and cardamom. Available in 12# container.

California Pomegranate

Central California’s pomegranate orchards bloom bright red in the springtime. Thick, dreamy, almost creamy, this is a smooth honey with a rare deep mahogany hue. Available in 12# tub.

Yellow Star Thistle

Food & Wine Magazine declared this varietal the "Champagne of Honeys". A light honey with a sweet, candy-like flavor. Perfect for baking. Yellow Star Thistle thrives throughout Northern California and is one of few that blooms during its hot, dry Summer season. Available in a 12# container.

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