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Olive - Luques (with pit)


Crescent shaped green olives that are firm and meaty. Luques have a sweet flavor and are not soft, salty, or mushy like some olives can be.


Great as a bar snack, salads, vinaigrettes, appetizers, tapenades, sauces, pastas, and braises.


Lucques olives are originally from the Lucca region in Italy and like grapevines, these olive trees were imported a long time ago into southern France where they found a home in the Languedoc and Herault regions. The trees are finicky as olive trees go and are very sensitive to weather conditions. They are low yielding and are mostly hand harvested. The olives are picked green (as opposed to Kalamata which are picked when dark colored). They are packed in a light brine solution which pairs well with their mild flavor. They aren’t used much in oil production because of their firm flesh and low yields, so mainly they are a table olive used for eating.

Flavor Friends

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