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Olive - Mixed (with or without pits)


Consisting of Sevillano, Mission, Manzanita, and Picholine olives


Great as a bar snack, salads, vinaigrettes, appetizers, tapenades, sauces, pastas, and braises.


Since 2000, we have been stocking a variety of California olives that come to us from M&CP Farm, located near Orland (Glenn County) in the Northern Sacramento Valley. As you drive through this region on Interstate 5, you will notice a number of billboard adds that feature the local olive crop, usually the familiar pitted California Black Olive. Olives are an important agricultural crop in this area and a trip along the side roads in the area is likely to reveal any number of farms that grow the gray-green olive tree. Maurice and Cindy Penna own one of these farms and, along with their neighbors, grow an impressive variety of olives. Maurice Penna is a recognized authority on olives and responsible for all phases of olive production for the family owned business.. In addition to growing and harvesting, the Penna’s supply their customers with fresh olives for curing and pack and distribute their own cured olives to both wholesale and retail operations. California grows 95% of the U.S. olive crop and these olives are most likely to be used in one of two ways-crushed for olive oil or cured for the food industry. Freshly harvested olives are eternally bitter and must be cured before eaten. The traditional method of curing uses lye to neutralize the natural bitterness. Maurice Pena uses the second method-fermenting with lactic acid, which leaves more of the natural olive flavor intact.

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