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Red Wine Vinegar


Dark red color, robust and full bodied. Perfect for Mediterranean style recipes, a classic red wine vinaigrette or to balance the flavors of sauces without adding fat.

Pack size: 1 gallon


Use in salad dressings, chutneys, stews and marinades.


Sparrow Lane Vinegars, located in Napa Valley, was founded in 1998 by current owners Phil and Denise Toohey. The vinegars are an all natural product, made exclusively with varietal wine grapes grown in Napa and Sonoma counties. The word vinegar itself stems from the French term 'vin aigre' or sour wine. The vinegars are made by the traditional method of aging in small oak barrels. Careful attention is given to the acid level of these vinegars to make them flavorful and approachable.

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