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Runner Cannellini Beans

Runner Cannellini Beans


**As of 1/25/19, please note this season was a very small harvest for Runner Cannellini beans so they will not be available until next harvest in the fall. We are substituting with the Tarbais bean for color/size, locally grown by Elegant Bean. We also have regular Cannellini Beans (not locally grown from Elegant Bean).**

Runner Cannellini beans are larger than the traditional Cannellini bean and are preferred by chefs for their outstanding full-bodied, nutty flavor. Its texture is potato-like smooth and starchy. They are perfect in Italian dishes like minestrone or a pureed soup, as well as Italian-style baked beans.

Runner cannellini is an heirloom bean that was originally cultivated in South America, brought up to Italy in the sixteenth century and California in the late 1800's. It is associated with, and extremely popular in, central Italy, Greece and France.

Pack size: 5# bag

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