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avocado hass thumbAVOCADO ALERT

The California avocado crop will be down about 50% from last year due to recent rains and flooding. The lack of California fruit allows Mexico to drastically drive up prices by slowing down production, harvesting and packaging.

What this means for you: prices have already reached the low 60's and will continue upward. We expect to level off in the high 60's. The market is not expected to drop until June when Peruvian fruit is available to ease global demand.

local asparagus update 

asparagusWe have been getting a lot of calls asking about the availability of Sacramento Delta asparagus. Due to recent rains and floods, there is no projected harvest date for local asparagus. On the plus side, we will have California asparagus in 28# cases from Bakersfield and the Imperial Valley starting on Monday, February 27! Check back next week for pricing.

pear bartlett

bartlett pears are done for
the season

We look forward to another delicious harvest of Bartlett's and more from our local supplier, Stillwater Orchards in Courtland, when they begin harvesting in June! 

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    Our Local Farm

    Del Rio Botanicals, growing a unique blend of organically grown products year round, supplying our local chefs with the best in organic produce.
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    Our Dairy Products

    Clover Stornetta products start from milk sourced from a large group of family run dairy farms located in Marin, Sonoma and Mendocino counties.
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    Our Specialty Products

    From locally grown cold-pressed virgin olive oils and small batch vinegars to dried fruits and nuts and excellent canned tomato products, you will find it all right here...
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    Our Cheeses

    We offer a variety of farmstead cheeses produced by local family farmers who use sustainable farming practices and maintain a hormone free herd that grazes freely on organic green pasture.
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